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How to Start Money making Blog Beginner's Guide

Updated: May 27, 2020

Monetizing your blog

In this article, we’ll show you how you can monetize a blog and make money online whether you get thousands of page views a month or you’re just starting out.

We’re going to show some solid strategies other bloggers have used to generate revenue from their own blogs in diverse niches and teach you how to do the same with your own blog.

1. Affiliate Marketing

With affiliate marketing, you promote the products of other businesses and get a commission for every sale you help bring in.

Affiliate marketers work the same way as most salespeople. They help promote and sell a company’s product and get a commission when someone buys.

For example, if you're running a fitness blog, you can easily sell affiliate health, weight loss or body building supplements. Since the content is already attracting people that are interested in fitness, selling these types of products helps you to create a near-automated stream of passive income.

Affiliate Marketing Platforms:

1. Clickbank

2. Amazon Affiliate

3. ShareASale

4. eBay Partner Network

5. Rakuten Marketing

6. C J Affiliate

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2. Sell Ebook

If you have other skills, beyond just blogging and creating ebooks, don’t let them go to waste.

Monetize blog with Ebook

You can easily promote your ebook directly through your blog by creating attractive content that will draw people in, then enticing them with your ebook. You could also build a sales funnel, which is an online marketing term for an automated multi-step sales machine, and sell your ebook on autopilot.  

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3. Email Marketing

One of the most powerful methods for making money from your blog is directly through email marketing. But to be successful, you need to build your list. Whether you promote blog updates or create a lead magnet, utilize one of the more popular email marketing platforms like ConvertKit, Aweberor InfusionSoft to implement the systems necessary to begin marketing via email. 

By building a strong bond and a connection with your readers, you can effectively generate a sizable amount of money through the course of marketing both your own products and services along with affiliate offers directly through email. You can expect to generate approximately $1 per subscriber per month.


4. Sell Digital Products to Your Audience

Sometimes the best way to solve the problems your audience have isn’t with a physical product but with software and digital downloads.

Creating digital products is a great way to profit from your blog. You can effectively sell any type of digital information product on your blog as long as it's in harmony with your content. You can build a webinar to market your product and deliver them through a member's area or through other downloadable means. 

Digital products can be a combination of videos, downloadable guides, resources, PDFs, software components, SaaS and others. Do your best to create something that helps fill a need or a void. Don't second guess yourself, as you'd be surprised at just how much money you can make by selling digital products on your blog.

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5. Display Advertising (Banner Ads)

While most people might think that adding some pay-per-click (PPC) ads will be a great way to make lots of money with their blogs, unless you have massive amounts of traffic -- as in 10,000+ visitors per day or more -- the income will be marginal at best. The real income here doesn't start until you cross about 100,000 visitors per day. 

Monetize Blog With Banner Ads

In fact, some bloggers start with display ads until they can find more profitable monetization strategies. For some people, those first few dollars give them enough motivation to continue with the blog.

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